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  • Force 12's new 20 foot tall FPA-20F-OCF Flagpole Antenna flying proudly at Force 12 club station W0LFA, pictured here with optional Golden Eagle truck/pulley
  • Old Glory flying on Force 12 FPA-20F-OCF Flagpole Antenna @ Force 12, pictured here with optional Golden Eagle truck/pulley
  • JT65 is a great mode to test antennas, here is what 20m looks like at AA7XT (Colorado) Saturday morning 1415z August 13, 2016 with the Sigma 20F-OCF (which is the same antenna as the the Flagpole just minus the Flag) and optional 8 foot base - DX from all over!
  • Jeremy KE0CGU tying off Old Glory on FPA-20F-OCF @ W0LFA
  • Installation couldn't be simpler: dig a three foot hole, drop in the supplied PVC pipe, compact the dirt around the base, and drop in your Force 12 FPA-20F-OCF Flagpole Antenna
  • Force 12 FPA-20F-OCF Flagpole Antenna feed point detail, note internally routed feedline (high quality Davis RF Bury Flex 9914F, a direct bury-able cable), shown with out the heavy duty shrink tubing that protects feedpoint
  • Force 12 FPA-20F-OCF Flagpole Antenna undergoing testing in alley behind the Force 12 factory in Grand Junction, Colorado, minus the flag it works just fine as a non-Flagpole antenna

3.5 to 50 MHz Flagpole Antenna | 80m to 6m Stealth | W6NBC Design | Force 12 FPA 20

$ 449.00

Product Description

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Does your neighborhood forbid antennas but allow flagpoles? Is tearing up your lawn to lay 64 radials not an option? Or maybe you just want a high-performance, easy to install all-band HF antenna?


  • 20 foot tall aircraft grade aluminum flagpole with PVC in-ground "Drop In" sleeve
  • Off-Center Fed Vertical Dipole design means no radials, 90% efficient or better across 80m - 10m
  • Internally routed Bury Flex 9914F coax cable feedline helps 'disguise' antenna
  • Simple installation with just a shovel, no concrete needed in many installations
  • Heavy duty fiberglass center and base insulators
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Integrated common mode choke with six Type 31 ferrite beads terminated in Amphenol PL-259 (custom lengths on request)
  • 3 x 5 foot bright nylon American flag (other flags available on request)
  • Cast aluminum truck/pulley (top of pole) and cleat, plus UV-rated halyard (Golden Eagle truck/pulley available as an extra cost option)
  • Available as a specially priced bundle with LDG RT-600 and RT-100 outdoor / remote ATUs
  • Also available as antenna only, without flag and flag accessories, info here 

Our Flagpole Antennas have been long-time best sellers known both for their outstanding performance and for their stealthy demeanor. They look like real flagpoles (and they are indeed real flagpoles!) and radiate RF as well as patriotic pride. Historically, their only drawback was that their ground plane vertical design required radial ground systems to work properly. And, if you know ground plane verticals, you know that you need a lot of copper on the ground to achieve an efficient ground system (16 quarter wave radials at lowest operating frequency, at least, many purists recommend 64). So, we went back to the drawing board...

We challenged antenna designer, QST author, and inhabitant of a neighborhood where towers and Yagis would not go down well, John Portune, W6NBC, to come up with a compact vertical dipole with its feedline hidden inside the lower tubing sections and which would be ATU "friendly" delivering good-to-excellent VSWR matches on all bands 80m through 10m with popular autotuners, in particular the new breed of outdoor rated units. John delivered, in spades. John opted for an OCF (Off Center Fed) design which makes it easier in most cases for ATUs to find a good match across a wide range of frequencies. 20 foot, by the way, is a common upper limit in many neighborhood flagpole height CC&R regs.

Since we're Force 12, we didn't cut any corners. Tubing is our usual aircraft grade 6063-T832 aluminum, 2-inch OD top to bottom, thick fiberglass insulators at the feed and base, stainless hardware, Davis RF Buryflex coax and genuine Amphenol PL-259 connector for the pigtail, plus six Mix 31 Fair-Rite ferrite beads from for the common mode choke. We even have an optional golden eagle to crown your flagpole! Let Old Glory flap in the wind while you work DX, what could be better?

We have tested the new FPA-20F-OCF with several ATUs include multiple LDG models and also the MFJ-998RT and MFJ-993BRT. All worked excellent on all bands 80m through 10m. We urge the use of the Flagpole antenna with an outdoor ATU located near the antenna to keep feedline losses to a minimum, however, this antenna will work with indoor ATUs (call us to discuss whether your model will work) and even some rig ATUs (we have tested with the Flex-6700 ATU, contact us for info) but we can't guarantee performance across all bands when the FPA is used with indoor ATUs as the coax feedline between the ATU in the shack and the antenna is an impedance transformer itself which could cause very high mismatch on one or more bands plus many built-in rig ATUs have limited adjustment range.

The video below shows a LDG AT-200ProII autotuner (rated for 6 to 1,000 Ohm loads) at the end of 82 feet of Bury Flex 9914F coax (including the 5 foot coax 'pigtail' that comes with the antenna) to simulate a typical installation  worked excellent in our tests on all bands 80 through 10 including 80m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, and 10m in the CW, data and phone band segments. 6m matched to about 2.2:1 VSWR which will work fine with many transceivers with the output power dialed back. (Think of 6m as a bonus on this antenna, the radiation angle on 6m is higher than the other bands, please note.)

Placing the ATU near the antenna will maximize performance, and we recommend you do so if you can. There are many outstanding outdoor-rated ATUs from LDG, MFJ, and other manufacturers that can be powered over coax. Force 12 loves LDG ATUs in particular and we've arranged to offer specially priced packages of our FPA-20F-OCF with the LDG RT-600 (600 W - order bundle here) and RT-100 (100 W - order bundle here) outdoor rated remote autotuners.

Considering a 43 foot vertical? Here's the downside of that option: FPA-20F-OCF is less than half that height, doesn't need radials, and has lower angle of radiation - more DX! - on many bands. Bigger is not necessarily better!

We use six Mix 31 ferrite beads in the common mode choke (which we think are preferable to Mix 43 ferrite for all-band HF applications). We recommend you keep your transmit power to 200 W ICAS or less and also be cognizant of Federal radiation exposure regulations if your Flagpole Antenna is near your residence or where people may gather. You can run higher power. There is an optional Balun Designs balun for installations running > 200 W ICAS.

Installation couldn't be easier. Three feet of PVC tubing (supplied) buried in compacted soil will be enough in most locations to support the antenna, just "drop it in." Of course, you're welcome to install in concrete, on your rooftop or deck or other locations. If you have any concerns about installation, call or email us and we also recommend consulting a PE.

FPA-20F-OCF has been engineered to withstand 90 MPH wind gusts with the flag removed, according to “Guide Specifications for Design of Metal Flagpoles,” ANSI/NAAMM FP 1001-07. This was used rather than ANSI/TIA-222-G (regulating antennas and towers) as this standard will be the one needed by building committees for flagpole structural analysis (you are telling your building committee that you're installing a flagpole, not an antenna, right?). In any event, you will want to remove your flag when very high winds are forecast to prevent damage to your flag itself.

We can powder coat paint your Flagpole Antenna any of dozens of different colors, contact us for pricing and other info. As this a great portable, quick-deploy, emcomm, DXpedition, IOTA, Field Day, et al, antenna, we will soon have a wide variety of application-specific options. If you're interested taking your  FPA-20F-OCF far from home, get in touch with us about the possibilities.

John W6NBC, designer of the new Flagpole antenna has calculated antenna efficiency < 90% if a remote ATU is used near the feed. Here is an animated GIF with the radiation angles for each band, note no significant pattern breakup until 6m - you can't say that about a 43 foot vertical!


Shipping to the Continental USA is free (usually via UPS Ground); for orders delivered elsewhere, we will bill you separately for shipping expenses. Our preferred international shipper is UPS Worldwide; we can, however, use most other shippers on request.


Usually ships in 1 to 2 weeks from Force 12 Superstore Colorado factory
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