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Tornado Tuners

seco-systems-logo-51-x-75.png.png  The Tornado Tuner©  is a precision variable inductor invented, designed and built by Mike Kelley, K6AJ, that can be remotely adjusted. This patented system varies the inductance by mechanically expanding and contracting a coil and has no wiper contacts to short or wear out. Versions are available for 160, 80 and 40 meter vertical, dipole and Yagi antennas allowing multiple- and full-band covreage.

The Tornado Tuner© was originally developed out of a need to expand the useable bandwidth of 1/4 wave 80 meter dipole antennas. The Tornado Tuner© is available for both dipole antennas as well as vertical antennas. Custom versions can also be built for your application - contact us to discuss your custom Tornado Tuner.

Tornado Tuners use a four-wire control cable, two DC wires (13.8 VDC) for the motor and two wires for the reed relay. Most 'screwdriver' type antenna controllers will work with Tornado Tuner and the 4O3A Rotator Genius (available from Force 12 Superstore here) will also soon be able to manage TTs.