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Force 12 & InnovAntennas Make The Best Moxon Beams You Can Buy!

Les Moxon, G6XN, introduced his namesake Moxon Beam (aka Moxon Rectangle) in the 1950s. Since then it has become a very popular antenna, especially for hams with limited space but who still demand top performance:

  • Small foot print, about 75% of a typical two element Yagi
  • Native 50 Ohm impedance with no power robbing matching devices
  • Excellent, make that amazing, bandwidth
  • Outstanding F/B (30 dB typical)

These characteristics appealed to InnovAntennas founder and Force 12 co-owner Justin Johnson, G0KSC, who has taken the original Moxon design and applied modern computer optimization techniques to tailor performance for each bands - these are not simply scaled from one band to another - which results in exceptional performance. Johnson, known for his innovative LFA, OP-DES, OWL and DESpole designs, is no stranger to the nuances of designing high-performance antennas that employ bent element geometries. They are indeed the best Moxon Beams you can buy!

Each Moxon Rectangle comprises of 2 elements, a driven element and a reflector element. The tips of each element are bent towards the other. We build out Moxons extra rugged with stout element tapers and with the element gap secured by an insulator to help support the ends of both elements and maintain element alignment. We know how to build bent element antennas!

Models available:

Moxon Beam Antennas
30 MOX 2 Full-Size 30 Meter / 10 MHz Moxon Beam info & order here 
20 MOX 2 20 Meter / 14 MHz Moxon Beam info & order here 
17 MOX 2 17 Meter / 18 MHz Moxon Beam info & order here 
15 MOX 2 15 Meter / 21 MHz Moxon Beam info & order here 
12 MOX 2 12 Meter / 24.9 MHz Moxon Beam info & order here 
11 MOX 2 11 Meter / 27 MHz Moxon Beam info & order here 
10 MOX 2 10 Meter / 28 MHz Moxon Beam info & order here 
6 MOX 2  6 Meter / 50 MHz Moxon Beam  info & order TBD









In addition to monoband Moxon beams, we have an innovative new G0KSC invention - the Moxi - a ten meter Moxon cell with a six meter driver and a pair of six meter directors, both fed with one sleeve coupled feed line. We will have more Moxi mdoels to select from.

Moxi Dualband Beam Antennas
10 6 MOXI 5 10 Meter / 6 Meter Moxon Yagi Hybrid  info & order here 




Force 12 10-MOX-2 prototype during testing @ W0LFA in October 2014: