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EME Systems

EVERTHING You Need to Exceed Off the Moon! | Complete Systems for 50, 70, 144, 222 and 432 MHz


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50 MHz | 6 Meter Complete EME Systems here


70 MHz | 4 Meter Complete EME Systems here


144 MHz | 2 Meter Complete EME Systems here


222 MHz | 1.25 Meter Complete EME Systems here


432 MHz | 70 cm Complete EME Systems here

The team here at InnovAntennas and Force 12 love EME (Earth-Moon-Earth, Moonbounce) communications. EME is the ultimate weak signal performance test; every fraction of a dB gained yields a noticeable improvement on the near half-million mile circuit from the earth to the moon and back.

If you think EME communication takes huge, Texas-size antennas, think again! Modest sized systems using high performance Yagis (1 Yagi will work a bit, 2 or 4 much better), ultra-low noise LNAs and WSJT software (info here) and a good session off the moon can feel like 20 meters on a contest weekend! EME has evolved.

(It should go without saying that a system that can communicate off the moon will also simply kill on terrestrial propagation modes such as Es, Tropo, Meteor Scatter, FAI, et al.)

Justin G0KSC designed his famous LFA Yagis for the demands of EME communications from inception and they are, pardon the pun, stellar performers, perfect for pulling fantastically weak signals out of the cosmic soup. The new OWL GT Yagis are also EME monsters - optimized for the ultimate in G/T (gain / antenna temperature) performance.

Justin recently collaborated with Dr. Joe Taylor on an EME system for W2PU, the Princeton University Amateur Radio Club (photo below). Dr. Taylor, as you may know, is the author of WSJT / JT65/ MAP 65 and just happens to have a Nobel Prize for Physics amongst his many honors. W2PU EME System info here. (The 432 MHz X-POL Yagis Justin designed for W2PU are prototypes and not yet available for sale, please note.)

Justin doesn't optimize his Yagis just for standalone operation. They are also carefully optimized to work in pairs, quartets, and larger arrays, and each EME capable InnovAntennas antenna has an H-Frame system with optimum spacing for that particular antenna. InnovAntennas' H-Frames for Cross-Polarized Yagis have non-conductive vertical members to keep tight patterns tight. (Customers building an array larger than 4 Yagis contact us for custom large array design services.)

InnovAntennas 2 and 4 port Power Splitters have the lowest return loss (which means quieter) in the industry and we also make custom cable assemblies, which incorporate a ferrite bead balun optimized for the band in question, to connect Powers Splliters to LFA and OWL G/T Yagi feedpoints. Having the balun incorporated into the jumper cable removes a coax connector junction from the system, which, for EME operation, improves performance as that junction appears ahead of the LNA preamp.

H-Frame Power Splitter Mounts that position the Power Splitter and LNA Preamp closer to the feedpoint are also available. Shortening the jumper between the antenna feedpoint the power divider / LNA preamp improves system temperature (receive capability), especially so on 432 MHz.

We have made available carefully selected EME system components whose performance complements Justin's designs available here on the Force 12 Superstore. We call these complete systems "EME In A Box" as we can ship you a complete, ultra-high performance EME system literally in a box!

We offer system discounts of 5% for combinations of equipment including LFA Yagi or OWL G/T Antennas, H-Frames, Power Splitters, Baluns/Jumper Cables, SSB Electronic Low Noise Preamps, AlfaSpid Az-El Rotators and Controllers, Low Loss Ecoflex Coax and Connectors, and our own AlfaSpid-Optimized Rotator Cable.

Note that we have dual polarity X-POL systems for all bands. The LFA XPOL Yagi works especially well with K1JT's MAP 65 software. Kiss Faraday goodbye!

We encourage all hams interested in weak signal VHF / UHF / SHF operation including EME to subscribe to DUBUS magazine, info here. 6 Meter EME enthusiasts will be interested in Six News magazine from the UK Six Metre Group info here. A great software tool for evaluating EME System performance is EME Calculator by Doug VK3UM, available here for free.

Feel free to mix and match to build your custom system - contact us to discuss your new InnovAntennas EME system!

Prototype InnovAntennas 432 MHz LFA X-Pol array @ W2PU, Princeton University



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